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About Responsive Communities

A smart home is smart because it collects data, but a responsive home is much more than just a smart home. A responsive home actually responds to the data collected. There are sensors collecting, analyzing and responding to the data from the home to reduce water, energy and maintenance costs. Collectively, the changes in weather, light and living within the responsive community are identified and responded to without effort, being seamlessly implemented within the community.

Furthermore, the community is connected with a district heating, cooling and energy sharing infrastructure to ensure maximum renewable energy collection and usage. Also, every home is designed for inductive charging which charges vehicles regardless if you remember to “plug in” your vehicle to your power, and the responsive design always charges with the most efficiency. Thus, off-peak power utilization is optimized with renewable energy collection and the district battery storage system of the community.

With a responsive home, in a responsive community, you will notice the benefit of savings of energy, money and time without the stress of unexpected maintenance and costs. Therefore, responsive is much more than just smart. A responsive home literally learns from identified inefficiencies and, adapting to the environment, the home then responds to make your life and your community more efficient.

Responsive Communities offer lower payments for electricity and costs of maintenance means you can afford more of a home. The savings from efficient planning, maintenance and infrastructure are directed toward a lower payment to provide the buyer with the ability to buy the home that is the best environment and community for their life style.

Responsive Homes optimise the living experience for the individual home owner, constantly learning and optimising for greatest efficiency and comfort.

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