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Benefits of a Green District System

A green district system is a shared infrastructure of various green, renewable technologies that benefit the entire community. Often it is one house in a community that decides to invest into green or renewable technology with little impact and limited savings. The use of a district system for solar, heating, air-conditioning, vehicle charging and other district infrastructure systems will provide:

  1. Larger savings than from one home and even more savings with connecting mixed-use developments

  2. Less maintenance due to greater access to preventive maintenance and guaranteed maintenance contracts

  3. More peak shaving of energy costs for lower energy costs

  4. Decreased carbon footprint of the entire community

  5. More efficient integration of all the various green, renewable and responsive technologies

The benefits of district systems require planning of the community before implementing the typical infrastructure planning. Some simple changes to a development plan can greatly enhance the performance of each home and significantly reduce the cost of the home today and into the future.

Benefits : Buying
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