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Leasing a Home

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve Got Questions. I’ve Got Answers


Why Responsive Community

Responsive Community living is offering higher quality of homes with lower payments, included electric vehicle and high efficient energy storage and optimisation of the living experience while reinvesting the energy efficiency back into the community.

How does the financing of the electric vehicle work? Is it really included?

The electric vehicle financing is done through the long term energy savings of the home's energy storage systems. The electric vehicle is included into the home payments without increasing the monthly payment and while providing lower home financing than traditional homes.

Turn your home into a smart home and drive away with a smart car, all part of a single low monthly payment

Buy or Rent to Own

The Responsive Community Financing offer flexible financing options with direct purchasing or rent-to-own options.

Why Rent-to-own:

Why throw away rent and have nothing to show for your money. Now there is a way to own without a large down payment and without a difficult loan approval process. Homes are rented around the local rental market prices and after an estimated 20 years of successful payments... you own the home. The homes are built with superior quality and as responsive, smart homes with the most advanced infrastructure

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